Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 20 (Set Sold Together Only)

left panel, mermaid, Acrylic on Canvas - 20" x 10" (not sold separately)

right panel, lighthouse and mermaid fin, Acrylic on Canvas - 20" x 10" (not sold separately)


Seascape Panel Paintings (set of 2 each 10" X 20" painted panels) is an original mixed-media collage painting, and part of the mixed-media glitter series, created in 2018-2019.

The paintings were completed in a series of stages, creating unique textures, and enhancing the beauty of this painting.


  • Stage 1: Collage - variety of papers, glue, and gel medium over a prepared canvas.
  • Stage 2: Background - a series of brush strokes, and painting techniques using various acrylic paint pigment blends.
  • Stage 3: Subject painting - the portrait is sketched with pastel crayon, then painted with acrylic paint.
  • Stage 4: Metal, fabric, and other accessories, are added for texture, as well as to enhance characteristics of the painting subject.
  • Stage 5: Shadowing with acrylic paint, and glitter is added to the painting for sparkle.
  • Stage 6: Acrylic pouring medium is added to give the subject of the painting shine, and to seal the accessories of the collage.

The process to create these paintings takes about 5 to 7 days to complete. The painting can be hung with or without framing. The panels can be set side-by-side, or hung separately.

The accessories, fabric, and glitter used in the painting are a tribute to my mother, who passed away in September of 2017.

Seascape Panel Paintings (set of 2), are considered the seventeenth and eighteenth paintings in the mixed-media collage series, created by Deborah Marsh of Debbie's Living Canvas.

Seascape Fantasy Panels (set of 2 paintings), Mixed-Media Collage Acrylic


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