Acrylic on Canvas - 32 x 20 (Set of 2 Panels Sold Together Only)

each panel, left and right, Acrylic on Canvas - 16 x 20 each


A set of two of abstract collage panel paintings, over gallery-wrapped canvases.


The process to create these paintings is done in a series of stages.


  1. The first stage starts with a paper and acrylic gel medium base on both; and then a layer of gold acrylic paint is added to both canvases, with some added textures.
  2. Next, each piece is covered with a layer of acrylic resin.
  3. During the dry time of the first resin layer, Two paint-pour paintings over canvas paper are created, then shapes are cut out of them. In addition, two more pieces of canvas paper are painted with black acrylic paint, with additional shapes, similar to the paint pour cut-outs are created as well.
  4. Once the resin layer dried, and all cut-out pieces are dry, the shapes are glued onto the canvases, in between layers of resin, until all pieces are used.
  5. Another layer of resin is added, and while it’s wet, glitter, and metal pieces, such as beads, are then added to the painting.
  6. Once the next layer of resin has dried, and additional layer of resin is added to seal and finish the paintings. It takes about 2 to 3 days for the paintings to be completely dry, and ready to hang.


Interesting fact about these paintings. Depending upon the reflection of light and angle, the paintings change character quite a bit. These paintings do not need to be framed, as this is optional. Paintings are available as a set only. But can be hung separately within an area.


The accessories, fabric, and glitter used in the painting are a tribute to my mother, who passed away in September of 2017.


Abstract Mixed-Media Collage Acrylic Panels (Set of 2) is the first set of two paintings in an experimental series of abstract collage paintings.

Abstract Mixed-Media Collage Acrylic Panels (Set of 2)


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