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Introducing Printed Products Featuring My Art and Designs

Visit My Etsy Shops, from Fashion to Prints - Collectables and Gifts!

Fun and Fashionable Gift Ideas - Visit the DMarsh Art Express store on

This year I wanted to offer a variety of items that weren't just unique to my paintings and designs, but wanted to include inspirational products, as well as fun and humorous novelty items. That's when I launched the DMarsh Art Express Etsy shop. Still new, and rapidly growing in popularity.

This shop features coffee mugs, shirts, posters, stickers, puzzles, backpacks, lunch bags, totes, gift cards, and a variety of other unique stuff. Here is where you can find special gifts for coworkers, family and friends, or just for yourself. There are seasonal items too. Right now I'm featuring a whole category dedicated to Halloween. Check it out:

Designer Clothes and Shoes, Fashion Boutique - Visit the Debbie's Living Canvas store on

For those of you who have followed me for the past few years, you are probably familiar with my Debbie's Living Canvas Etsy shop. I used to carry a variety of items, including my original work, but found it hard to keep a focused community. That's why I decided to convert this shop into my fashion boutique.

This shop features beautiful, comfortable, and stylish clothing, mostly for women. Shop for swimsuits, workout clothes, dresses, shirts, shoes, and accessories. I make it a priority to only work with quality producers, to ensure quality, durability, and satisfaction. I even wear the clothes I create and sell, as I truly like the products, and I'm confident you will too. Right now I'm running and end of Summer Sale on all swimwear. So be sure to visit the boutique, and check it out for yourself.

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