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Summer Success

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

It's been an exciting time for me as an artist, as I've had the opportunity to sell several paintings, both completed, and commissioned; and some of my work was recently selected to be showcased with other artists, based on two separate contests by the same virtual gallery, Fusion Art.

Commissioned Work | Dr. Rao and his wife | Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic on Wood | August 2020

My friend, and co-worker, Dr. Rao, commissioned me to create a painting of him and his wife. It was meant to be an anniversary gift, but COVID-19 quarantine delayed things. Regardless, I was able to get my studio set up in a smaller space, so I could continue my work, and complete the piece.

Using canvas paper, acrylics, fabric, metal, glitter and other materials, I created this mixed-media collage piece in a series of layers. The finish is done with resin, which gives it a nice touch. I used a wood frame box as my canvas, which provided a sturdy, and workable surface.

I use a variety of painting techniques, such as paint pouring, and sometimes I will even use modeling paste to build-up areas.

One of my favorite things about this technique that I created and use, is the discovery of how using different items and the layering can create such depth and character to a painting.

For this particular painting, I also chose to create the figures and faces in a series of layers. Usually, the full figure is the layer. The idea is to give the painting more dimension and depth.

Whether it's to describe something or someone familiar, or to create something that's more fantasy, this method really brings out the life in my paintings. It's also quite therapeutic too.

Even before I seal the painting with resin, the layers are quite colorful and pleasing to the eye. Plus, every time I look at these paintings, I see things I missed. It's just gives me such pleasure to create this way. If you like this style of painting, and would like to have a custom portrait made for yourself, feel free to contact me at, or complete the contact form at the bottom of the home page, we can discuss the opportunity.

Tree of Life | Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic on Wood | July 2020

This Summer I have also sold two completed paintings, once again, to my dearest friend, and biggest art fan, Karren. She has been such a great support to me and my work, and one of the reasons why I have taken my art more seriously.

Sun Face the Moon | Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic on Wood | July 2020

These paintings were such a big hit with my social media followers, as well as my co-workers, I've created a few more.

This Summer also brought other types of opportunities, such as online gallery contests. This is something that I'm trying to be a more active participant in, as it gets my work noticed, and helps build my confidence.

I recently entered several One of the two paintings I created, that Karren purchased, is my Tree of Life. This is a mixed-media collage, acrylic on wood, layered painting. The second painting is Sun Faced The Moon. Both paintings are similar in style and methodology. The techniques are mostly of paint pour on various canvas papers, glitter, and metallic paint, with a resin finish. This painting goes perfectly with the second painting I created, and a mosaic styled collage painting, that she purchased last year.

contests. Two of the contests that I was most eager and excited to participate in was the 6th Annual Figures & Faces Art Exhibition – September 2020. two of my paintings were selected for inclusion in the online juried art exhibition through September. To be featured with so many talented, and professional artists is such an honor for me.

The two paintings that were selected were from my 2019 Glitter Gals Series. Zara, which is my Indian Bride, and Yasmine, one of my figurative nudes, were the two selected, and were the two of five that I actually entered with.

Zara | Glitter Gals | Mixed Media Collage, Acrylic on Canvas | 2019
Yasmine | Glitter Gals | Mixed Media Collage on Canvas | 2019

If you are interested in viewing more paintings from this selection, please visit my Glitter Gals gallery page of my website. These paintings are also available for purchase in my gift shop.

The other contest through Fusion Art is the 3rd Annual Women Artists. This is also a juried online exhibition, which I will know more about on September 15th. I just know that one or more of my paintings have been selected. I'll share more once I know more.

For now, just grateful I'm here and able to share my work and inspiration with you. Please be sure to sign-up for blog and site notifications, and check back often. Till next time!

Debbie :)

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