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The Painted Ladies Collection: Where did the Name Originate?

People ask me how I named my most popular collection so far, the Painted Ladies. Well, I can’t exactly pinpoint the reason or how, but I do know what influenced me to do so. There is a famous block of houses in San Francisco that are named and known as the Painted Ladies. These houses remind me of Victorian homes but painted in bold and bright colors of varying grades and hues. They are spectacular and fill my heart with a ray of sunshine when I look at them.

San Francisco's Painted Ladies. Photograph by Ross Joyner

As I’m sure you have noticed, my Painted Ladies are bright, bold, and very colorful. Painting this way is my release and makes my soul smile. From the time I was a small child to even now as an older adult, I love to be surrounded by a palette of color every chance I get.

If you are interested in having a Painted Ladies piece of your own, visit the Store. To learn more about my Painted Ladies Collection, check out future posts from Debbie’s Living Canvas.

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