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The Painted Ladies Collection: Style Influence

I’ve always drawn inspiration from high fashion, celebrities, and the female figure. In art, this type of influential style provides admiration for those who are infatuated by its sensuality, sexiness, and beauty. You find yourself living within the fantasy of the various subjects illustrated throughout the Painted Ladies collection. Growing up, I would cut out various images from magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and others. I kept several scrapbooks and files for art subject references. I loved to illustrate the images I collected and turn them in to works of art. So of course, my Painted Ladies collection was no different! At the time I was working on the Painted Ladies collection, I was into creating over-sized works of art. I wanted to develop a series of about five to six over-sized paintings in hopes to have a showing at the local gallery. I produced the 20 full-colored sketches to determine which pieces would make it to canvas. Whoever would have thought these sketches would become the collection most sought after, even over the actual large paintings? Now I know why. When I look back to when I originally created the series, and compare the sketches to the paintings, the vibrancy, fluidity, and naturalness of the sketches are far more appealing and mesmerizing than the paintings could ever expect to be. It’s amazing it took me till a few years ago to realize just how incredible these sketches really were.

Painted Ladies Collection: Beauty, Canvas versus Paper

While the paintings were well received and now belong to several art-collecting enthusiasts throughout the country, the sketches continue to be sought after today. I didn’t realize how well received my sketches were till a colleague of mine was looking through my portfolio, searching for pieces to purchase, and was drawn to the sketches. She not only purchased about half of the sketch collection, but she also encouraged me to share these sketches with the rest of the world… Which brings me to present day, and the beautiful products displaying my wonderful Painted Ladies, available for sale at the Debbie’s Living Canvas Store! To learn more about my Painted Ladies Collection, check out future posts from Debbie’s Living Canvas. You can also learn more about me, by visiting my About page.

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