I welcome all requests for commissioned and custom work.

When making your request, please consider the following, which will help me to better meet to create the piece you envision:
  • Size of painting the painting.

  • Is this a single canvas painting, or a multiple canvas configuration?

  • Style of painting, based on my portfolio – if you’re not sure, we can discuss which options would work best for your vision.

  • Color scheme – I’ll do my best to meet this requirement based on the chosen medium and method.

  • Time-frame – depending upon my current schedule, and complexity of requested piece, the standard lead time ranges from two-four weeks, from creation to completion, and to preparing piece for shipping (if required). If a shorter lead time is necessary, we can work through how to meet it.


Before accepting and starting a project, I will provide you with a complete pricing quote, including shipping to your location, and instructions on how to purchase the painting. In addition, if you have a particularly complexed piece, I will provide you with a quote for potential additional costs, with options on how to proceed (i.e. you purchase, or I, or substitutions, or changes in method). No matter what, your satisfaction is my priority – so we will work together through the whole process to ensure that you are happy with the results.

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