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About the artist


Deborah Marsh is a talented artist, skilled in various mediums such as mixed-media, illustration, and painting. She believes that beauty is subjective and depends on the perception of the observer. Recently, her works have been featured at the Vertigo Art Gallery located in the downtown Roosevelt Art district in Phoenix, AZ. The Glitter Gals Series and Inner Child are among her latest creations.

Deborah Marsh received formal art education at the Atlanta College of Art, situated in Atlanta, GA. Over the course of her art career, she has sold both commissioned and completed artwork to private collectors. Born in Bethesda, MD, she grew up in Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area for the first half of her life. She has been residing in Gilbert, AZ for the past 20 years.

Aside from her art career, Deborah Marsh has other passions and interests. She is a corporate professional, vegan chef enthusiast, and a self-published recipe book author. Moreover, she is an entrepreneur and a family woman.

Deborah Marsh is a multi-talented individual, who excels as a professional artist, illustrator, and painter. She firmly believes in the maxim "Find Beauty In All Life", which serves as her artistic code.

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